Monthly Archives: December 2022

• ProtonMail CEO, Andy Yen, has expressed his mixed feelings about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. • He’s concerned about the increased volatility in crypto markets and the risk of fraud and scams. • Andy Yen calls for tighter regulations in the crypto space. The CEO of ProtonMail, Andy Yen, has recently revealed his uncertainty regarding the company’s fate in regards to cryptocurrencies. In a recent interview with Forbes, Andy Yen expressed his conflicting sentiments on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Yen stated that ProtonMail has been holding Bitcoin reserves for the past five years, and continues… Read Article →

• Defrost Finance experienced a flash loan attack on December 23 which resulted in the potential loss of $12 million in assets. • The team announced that a hacker returned the funds one day after the alleged hack. • Defrost stated it was willing to discuss sharing 20% of the funds in exchange for the majority of assets and was urging the hackers to get in touch with them right away. On December 23, decentralized leverage trading platform Defrost Finance was the target of an attack involving a flash loan. This malicious act resulted in… Read Article →

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