Explore the World with Trace – An Augmented Reality Metaverse the Size of an Entire Planet

• Trace move-to-earn metaverse is a new project aiming to disrupt existing ecosystems
• Founder Bogdan Evtushenko claims the metaverse should not be limited to the living room
• Location-based AR platform METAFORA is used to build augmented reality metaverse the size of an entire planet

Trace is a move-to-earn metaverse project with the aim of disrupting existing ecosystems. Founded by Bogdan Evtushenko, Trace is an attempt to push the boundaries of what a metaverse can be, moving away from the idea that a metaverse should be confined to the living room. To this end, Trace has developed the Location-based AR Platform – METAFORA, which is used to create an augmented reality metaverse the size of an entire planet.

The idea behind Trace is to make people’s lives better and to provide them with an opportunity to explore the world around them. The augmented reality metaverse will encourage people to go outdoors and experience the world, either alone, with their family, or with their pet. It will be a way for people to engage with their neighbours and make friends, or even find the love of their life. Furthermore, the aim is to fill the real world with virtual objects to make it even more interesting and exciting, thus encouraging more people to join the Trace community.

Trace is aware of the competition that is present in the current metaverse market and is confident that their project will stand out. With their ambitious vision and unique approach, they are sure to be a force to be reckoned with. Through the use of their Location-based AR Platform – METAFORA, they hope to provide users with an experience that is both enjoyable and innovative. This could be the start of something truly revolutionary.