Millions in USDT Paid to Unlock Stolen iPhones as Apple Refuses to Act

  • Tether (USDT) used for millions of dollars worth of illicit iPhone unlocking services
  • Apple Connect activation server exploited and group accumulated $180 million in four months
  • Find My IPhone feature vulnerable to unlimited password attempts, Anonymous Inc. notified Apple 8 months ago but no response yet

Cryptocurrency Used for Illicit Lost and Stolen iPhone Unlocking Services

The cryptocurrency tether (USDT) is used for hundreds of millions of dollars worth of transactions for illicit lost and stolen iPhones unlocking services. Apple appears to have taken little action despite being alerted to the ongoing security breach in their iCloud and Find My iPhone features. These claims were highlighted in a recent video by technology YouTuber and repair technician Luis Rossmann.

Exploiting Apple Connect Activation Server

A glitch in Apple Connect allows a group of individuals to exploit its activation server, particularly Level 2, with the use of a basic command program. This enables them to read activation request files from a device and remotely unlock it without physically possessing it. In four months, the operation allegedly accumulated more than $180 million, generating approximately $2 million every two days. Despite notifying Apple about this flaw, the group expressed dissatisfaction with the company’s response and continued inaction.

Vulnerability in Find My iPhone Feature

Another security researcher has discovered a separate flaw in Apple’s Find My iPhone feature – due to failure to secure Apple IDs effectively, this vulnerability allows users unlimited attempts to guess a password. It was speculated that Anonymous Inc., a company that buys and sells clean devices, had informed Apple of this security flaw over eight months ago but received no response yet from the tech giant.

Apple Refuses To Act Despite Notifications

The reseller reported this glaring issue to Apple but received what seemed to be a standard, automated reply which prompted him/her share email correspondences as proof of its indifference towards the issue. Similarly with Anonymous Inc., they too had informed Apple about the Find My iPhone vulnerability eight months ago but have since received no response or action from the tech giant either thus far.

Implications on Businesses due To Ignorance This ongoing ignorance has prompted Anonymous Inc.’s disclosure of its findings publicly which has reportedly affected their business due to the proliferation of these illicit unlock services on various platforms using USDT funds as payment method .