Unmasking BitBoy Crypto: Uncovering the Scandals Behind the Recent Hack

  • On June 11, the Twitter account of BitBoy Crypto (Ben Armstrong) was hacked and used for an anti-SEC token promotion spree.
  • The hacker had a distinct agenda which included banners featuring SEC Chair Gary Gansler in an unflattering light.
  • BitBoy Crypto responded by warning his followers not to click on any links related to the hack.

Hacking of BitBoy Crypto’s Twitter Account

On June 11, Ben Armstrong’s popular crypto-focused Twitter account, BitBoy Crypto, was hacked. The hacker posted explicit messages and banners featuring SEC Chair Gary Gansler in an unflattering light, as well as encouraging users to obtain anti-SEC tokens. Armstrong reassured followers that they were working to regain control of the account while cautioning them against clicking on any links related to the hack.

BitBoy Crypto’s Influential Persona

Armstrong is more than just another crypto enthusiast – he is a notable figure in the crypto ecosystem whose views influence millions. His 1 million plus following makes him one of the most influential figures in the crypto space.

Similarity With John Deaton Hack

Armstrong suggested it is likely that same hackers infiltrated his account and John Deaton’s from CryptoLaw, a prominent figure in XRP space. Both hacks occurred around the same time with similar agendas – trying to dupe people into clicking on malicious links and sending money.

BitBoy’s Warning

In response to these events, Armstrong issued warnings not to click on any links from his compromised Twitter account as it could be part of a sham token sale. He urged people not to get scammed by malicious actors who are looking for easy targets during this difficult period for cryptos and exchanges alike due to relentless clampdowns from authorities like SEC.


The hacking incident involving BitBoy Crypto sheds light on his tumultuous past with various controversies and accusations that have punctuated his public persona significantly. While Armstrong has managed to remain resilient despite multiple setbacks, he warned viewers about potential scams taking place under his name or other prominent crypto personalities across social media platforms